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Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Letter: Big and overwhelming development isn’t appropriate

Dear editor:

I am sitting on my front porch, after working on my garden, just relaxing, trying to enjoy a break.

Opposite is a new structure, about which people ask, “What is it? Is it a doctor’s or a dentist’s?”

I believe it’s a new house, I tell them. They shake their heads and move on, murmuring how ugly it is.

Some wonder how on earth it got planning approval. One said, “It wasn’t long ago when there was a restriction to 25 per cent of the lot size that you could build on. That’s got to be 65 per cent.”

The people who were there before, Billy and Phillis, lived in a tiny old home on the site for most of their married lives.

They loved their garden and had huge trees and a vegetable garden. Lovely people, they moved to be closer to their family. From were we live, it was a picture of Old Town living.

A woman by the name of Barbara came up to our porch for a chat, “Love what you have done to the house,” she said. “I see you’re digging holes.”

I told her I am planting a blue spruce and a maple to try to hide the building across the street.

“Isn’t that awful,“ she said.

My wife and I live on Anne Street and the property in question is on Simcoe Street at Anne.

Why not walk or drive past and take a look, maybe change a book in our Little Library.

Will please someone tell me what is happening to our town? We are over-developing and it seems everything has to big and overwhelming.

Keith Williams