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Editorial: Ensuring NOTL will never forget

It is important at this time of year that we remember.

Remember the sacrifices and the contributions of those who gave their lives in two world wars and in other conflicts.

It was a different era, one in which young men were eager to fight “for King and country,” to ultimately preserve the freedoms and way of life we now take for granted.

And it is important, too, to remember those who are still with us, who have worked to make life better for the rest of us.

Yesterday morning, Nov. 1, as is documented elsewhere in this week’s edition of The Lake Report, we witnessed the unveiling of the latest iteration of the ever-expanding Poppy Project, an important and unique undertaking of the Niagara-on-the-Lake Museum.

It has grown now to encompass the old courthouse downtown, the museum and now the Legion as the handiwork of dozens of volunteers is put on display – some 7,000 handmade poppies make sure that NOTL will never forget.

Well done to all involved in the Poppy Project. You ensure that we will never forget.


In a world filled with strife and negativity, we feel it is important to remind ourselves about some of the good that happens in our world and our community. So, a few kudos:

To all those residents who took Halloween seriously with out-of-this-world decorating (Annmarie Drive in Virgil comes to mind), thank you for bringing out the kid in all of us.

On that theme, congrats to Shari and Perry Hartwick, whose Monster Bash at Willowbank was a huge hit while raising money for Red Roof Retreat.

To the Rotary Club of Niagara-on-the-Lake, always active in community causes, for raising more than $22,000 via its Participate for Polio project – and to Cosmo Condina who single-handedly raised about half that total. Astounding work.

We told you in last week’s paper about the milestones celebrated by the St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Women’s League: a century of community work and dozens of years of individual volunteer work by members. Amazing.

To New Democrat MPP Wayne Gates and Lord Mayor Gary Zalepa for taking a tag-team approach to push the provincial government to improve health care in NOTL by giving the town a long-promised additional nurse practitioner. And to Gates for bringing it up in the legislature last week. Though, predictably, the health minister simply dodged the question.

To the organizers of Doors Open in NOTL, who literally opened the doors of a dozen important and historic buildings and welcomed the public inside.

To hockey player Kaleb Dietsch, a young man making his way in the game and making his fans and family in NOTL proud. He made his debut two weeks ago with the Ottawa 67’s of the Ontario Hockey League. Well done.

To Mckenzie Wright, an amateur boxer from St. Davids, who arrived home this weekend with a bronze medal from the Pan Am Games in Santiago, Chile. She’s pursuing her Olympic dream and showing us all what hard work and determination can accomplish.

And to Cindy Grant and the members of an ad hoc residents’ committee who have commissioned an independent research project to determine what the future housing needs are for people who wish to grow old in NOTL. They’re taking a thorough, professional approach, gathering evidence and information that will show what the people of NOTL could someday require.


Yes, it is important at this time of year that we remember.

With that in mind, we encourage everyone to revisit The Lake Report’s “Monuments Men” series by historian Ron Dale.

This massive, 53-part series documents the stories of the men – and in that era, they were all men – whose names are inscribed on the town’s two cenotaphs.

It is compelling reading and you can find it online at niagaranow.com/?s=monuments+men.

Because it is important that we remember.

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