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Thursday, March 30, 2023
Letter: NOTLers need to stop with derogatory ‘Toronto people’ criticism
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Dear editor:

This is a call out, request or beseeching Niagara-on-the-Lake residents to stop using “Toronto people” as a derogatory term.

It has sadly become accepted lingo of divisiveness in our town.

I live on a very busy walking street and have met so many friendly, lovely newcomers to NOTL and they are well aware of the term.

Kudos to those who find it amusing. I, on the other hand, find it mean-spirited, so I will defend those newcomers in the interest of opening the minds of long time residents.

“Born and raised” is the other side of the coin, where locals are claiming some undefined privileges.

Here’s where I share my personal experience as I’ve walked both paths. I was born here and grudgingly moved to Toronto for my ambition to be fulfilled.

I worked hard, added value for my employers, employed many and saved ruthlessly while my friends travelled and lived in huge homes – all to get back to NOTL, the one where we hung out on the waterfront, worked on the farms, played ball and accepted everyone.

We all love it here and worked very hard to stay or get here.

Never assume a single person you meet came by what they have easily.

“Toronto people,” as do all locals, give astonishing amounts of time and money to this community to make it the cultural and natural gem that it is.

So please, instead of dividing locals into camps, really look and listen when you meet people and appreciate how thrilled we all are to be here.

Tolerance starts at home.

Beth Macdonald


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