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Sunday, October 2, 2022
Letter: Global issues are to blame for high inflation

Dear editor:

Having read two opinion pieces in the April 21 edition of The Lake Report, I feel obliged to respond.

Both MP Tony Baldinelli (“Disappointing federal budget shortchanges tourism and winery sectors,”) and letter writer Tom Thornton (“Canada is powerless to help stop carnage in Ukraine,”)  seem to prefer extensive misinformation regarding the role of the present government in these inflationary and deficit budget times.

To suggest that PM Justin Trudeau and caucus are responsible for the present 6 per cen inflation rate hints of either economic naïveté or bias, to say the least.

Global supply chain issues in the manufacturing sector, the disruption of energy products as a result of Russian aggression, as well as a shortage of skilled labour have all contributed to the present inflation issue.

Both writers accuse the government of overspending and creating huge deficits. 

Every democracy has an inherent social contract and that is to support and protect all citizens.

COVID vaccines are not free and the PM was hugely successful in securing and distributing those vaccines to all Canadians in a timely manner.

Financial support for individuals and businesses would test any balance sheet but such spending has been necessary for two years in succession.

I for one, and am sure I am not alone, do not object to recent major government programs, which will be very costly.

I speak of affordable child care and free dental care for children.

The possibility of more parents re-entering the work force and contributing skills to employers is money well spent even though it contributes to the deficit.

And, of course, we all know that dentistry is expensive and therefore often unaffordable for many parents.

I am not sure if the majority of Canadians would object to such spending.

I will not comment on the several different theories as to the best way to combat climate change, but I wait anxiously for the Conservative Party to put forward any type of plan beyond the “throwing rocks” mode.

But as the stars align for Pierre Pollievre's leadership aspirations, I look forward to being the “freeist” person in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Michael Eagen