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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Letter: Neighbour should be more concerned about safety than noise

Dear editor:

I want to comment on the article regarding the pickleball court at the Virgil hockey arena (“Pickleball noise sparks legal challenge from neighbour,” April 21).

The complainant in no way represents the majority of occupants at Lamberts Walk, where I also am a resident.

I enjoy the fact that there is healthy activity and fun being had by participants of that court, along with any other sport taking place on the fields of the arena property.

If there is a legitimate complaint, it would be over the use of the parking lot, after hours, by people speeding through the lot, squealing tires and pulling donuts (all of which has been reported to local police on multiple occasions with no reaction to prevent it).

Safety is the biggest concern for dog walkers, families riding their bicycles or walking and then the noise factor.

Let's put things in perspective. 

Janice Young