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Sunday, February 5, 2023
Letter: Rainbow crosswalk may happen but residents deserve input on location

Dear editor:

I note that $15,000 has been set aside in the town's capital budget to fund the installation of a rainbow crosswalk.

There has been an unofficial survey by The Lake Report asking for input on this issue. The response from the miniscule number of 403 respondents, 43 of whom were not even residents of NOTL, resulted in a very slim margin in favour of the crosswalk.

The town also conducted an only survey, which attracted even fewer responses. NOTL residents have never officially been surveyed by the town. How has the town's unelected inclusivity committee managed to commandeer taxpayers' funds to further their own objectives from such an inadequate survey?

Before we proceed with this preferential treatment of the LGBTQ community, we should recognize that it is a slippery slope, wherein every faction of society could consider themselves wanting in some degree or other.  Therefore, it could be anticipated that other segments will expect similar treatment, should they wish to satisfy their feelings of perceived shortcomings.

Has the inclusivity committee set a series of objectives that will require further funding that NOTL residents are yet to be advised of? Initially, the LGBTQ wanted a crosswalk. Now we learn of the plan to install painted benches in NOTL's five villages as well.

What is next? Will NOTL residents be asked for their opinion before some other suggestion is rubber-stamped and funded with taxpayers' money?

I have no doubt that the crosswalk will go ahead, but at the very least, residents need to have input into where this Brighton-style eyesore will eventually be located.

This has been an underhanded and unwarranted imposition under the guise of representing a so-called persecuted group of people.

Jean O'Malley


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