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Monday, December 5, 2022
Letter: Let’s make flag for Queen’s Royal Park a priority

Dear editor:

In early November, Lake Report columnist Ross Robinson, wrote a totally compelling article in your paper advocating the installation of a Canadian flag in Queen's Royal Park.

His reasons for asking this be done were so obvious that I could not understand why this had not been undertaken many years ago. 

Regrettably, I have not heard anything further on this initiative, despite the knowledge that the town has received assurance of complete financial coverage of any potential cost from generous donors Tom and Jim Caldwell.

What is the problem? Do some in the town always look a gift horse in the mouth? (The junction of Mississagua and Queen streets comes to mind.)

Perhaps there are some reasons we are not aware of that would hinder this project, but I, for one, cannot think of any.

Please, madam mayor, over to you.

Let’s get that flag up soonest so it is there when we welcome many visitors this year for the Canada Summer Games.

Don Chambers