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Dec. 3, 2021 | Friday
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Letter: Yes, let's raise the flag at Queen's Royal Park

Dear editor:

I am responding to Ross’s Ramblings in the Nov. 11 edition of The Lake Report, "Time for NOTL to fly a flag at Queen's Royal Park."

Yes, Ross; a resounding Yes! It is time for a Canadian flag to fly patriotically in Queen’s Royal Park.

With a backdrop of the gazebo, the Niagara River and Old Fort Niagara, a Canadian flag will complete the perfect picture.

Every year, thousands of people visit and are photographed in our beautiful and picturesque Queen’s Royal Park but there is no indication that they are standing in Canada and looking out at a view of both Canada and the United States.

Let’s educate those visitors and show our pride for Canada with the addition of our impressive red and white Canadian flag.

I walk to Queen’s Royal Park almost daily and as I stand on the gazebo, taking in the magnificent panorama, I often hear visitors discussing the view. A Canadian flag would remind everyone that we are standing in Canada.

As you pointed out, a Canadian flag in Queen’s Royal Park would also be very helpful for those who are approaching NOTL by water.

Aside from my emotional and patriotic reasons for wanting a flag installed in Queen’s Royal Park, I fully understand that we must consider economical and practical issues.

Who will pay for this flag and install it and who will raise and lower the flag? The finances issues have been resolved. The people at Caldwell Securities Ltd. have already generously agreed to provide a flag and flagpole.

As for the raising and lowering of the flag, some hardworking Town of NOTL staff members who are already maintaining the lovely grounds and gardens at the park would be able to perform that small additional task.

As residents of historic NOTL, we are sharing our town with visitors every day so let’s also show our pride in both our country and our town – the first capital of Upper Canada.

Emily Hyde