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Thursday, March 23, 2023
Letter: Chautauqua parking signs, fines appear to be working

Dear editor:

The new no parking signage with increased fines of $150 posted near Ryerson Park and along Niagara Boulevard really is working as far as I am concerned.

These signs were installed by the town after a long battle led by a dedicated group of area homeowners and it seems to be a very successful solution.

I am one of the first of the lucky people to actually get one of these very expensive parking tickets. But not a problem. I just have to get used to a new situation, a good one for our special area.

Also, the traffic jamming, highly confusing, unpopular and unsuccessful three-way stop and “bumpout” at Queen and Mississagua streets really had nothing to do with the problems we were having with cars near Ryerson Park.

The solution is, and always was, proper parking signage and some enforcement by the town.

The little “No Thru Traffic” sign that was put up for westbound traffic on Queen may help a bit. Who knows?

The real problem is the proposed, overdone and uncalled-for intersection reconstruction. It now seems very apparent that most people are not happy with the proposed overhaul of this intersection.

It's totally unnecessary. Why fix something that is not broken? 

And how about having just a normal three-way stop? Get rid of the confusing road markings and traffic bumpout. Start over with a second look at this area.

J.B. Hopkins and his excellent crew have done a great job with the look of this intersection. But spend those funds somewhere else in town that really needs help.

I am sure there are many suggestions that are worth looking at – and I have one.

Why can’t we get a proper stop light at the corner of King  and Queen streets, one of the busiest traffic intersections in town?

It's always a huge problem. We have had a blinking light at this corner for over 70 years. Isn’t technology great? What's the problem here?

Christopher Allen

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