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Saturday, July 13, 2024
Letter: CAA ‘Slow Down’ signs a good idea, but …

Dear editor:

CAA Niagara has come up with an innovative business advertising campaign with the support of its municipal partners, including the Niagara Regional Police.

While the intent of slowing down speeding traffic is admirable, and long overdue, this sign campaign opens the door to a wide spectrum of companies and residents flaunting their wares and opinions on our streets and lawns.

This concern was highlighted in part by Lord Mayor Betty Disero's comments in The Lake Report's Aug. 12 news story, “Free CAA 'Slow Down' lawn signs illegal under town bylaw.”

The sign bylaw is a moot point really, as the town has often turned a blind eye to many other similar violations, such as signs regarding parking near Ryerson Park.

Would the CAA be distributing free signage, with its name prominently displayed , if it were not for the self-interest of soliciting business?

Samuel Young


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