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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Letter: Unvaccinated people put others at risk

Dear editor:

I can no longer stay silent.

The absolutely ridiculous directions that we find ourselves going are too many to name, but there is one that should no longer be tolerated: Those who would block the push to vaccinate the world in order to curb and stop the spread of a deadly virus that has killed millions around the globe.

Yet in the same breath we have readily accepted those not willing to vaccinate (seemingly and especially the younger generations), despite the fact that their actions put the rest of us at great risk, and in fact may even eradicate all our efforts, sacrifices and gains to conquer COVID.

If it weren't for the many evil writings and inaccuracies found on social media, by both individuals and groups, I suggest that we may never have been in this situation.

The past prevention and eradication of most diseases and viruses was predicated on vaccination for all, and many generations, both past and present across the globe, have been thankful for this.

No longer should we remain silent while we constantly and always behold ourselves to all things deemed to be right and correct. For all too often nowadays, they may actually be abrogating our family and communal obligations and freedoms.

I urge everyone to pick up the book “Wake Up: Why the world has gone nuts” by Piers Morgan and get a grip.

Philip Hoad

St. Davids