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Friday, September 30, 2022
Letter: Reckless motorcyclists rediscover NOTL

Dear editor:

Absent in numbers for many years, the Rolling Thunder groups have rediscovered NOTL.

Yes, the Harley-Davidson etc. riding clubs are back. We are now on their bucket list and with them come a few bad actors and crazies who spoil the party.

We encountered such a group. My wife and I were returning from our daily Parkway walk. Driving into town, we were approaching the Shaw when five riders speeding and zig-zagging decided to pass a slow-moving car leaving NOTL. They obviously thought all five could swerve between us and the oncoming traffic.

Wrong. But for some defensive driving on my part, two of the crazies would have hit us head-on, most certainly resulting in one or more fatalities.

I was forced off the road and luckily exited the soft shoulder into the bus parking entrance. Otherwise I would have landed in the ditch. As usual no police presence was evident to catch these wreckless idiots, who must be an embarrassment to their fellow bikers and club members.

Given our substantial tax contribution to the Niagara police budget, why do NOTL officials not petition the police authorities or Region of Niagara for two police detachment cars specifically to monitor Old Town during the May through October high tourism months?

Numerous near-misses with cyclists, speeding motorcycles and cars have been reported in recent years. And yes we have had fatalities.

Stretches of Anne and Simcoe streets are like the Indy 500 and there is no speed monitoring in spite of repeated resident complaints and letters to the news media. Surprise. What else is new? Deaf ears again until there's a serious accident or another fatality.

Finally, with the ever-increasing traffic along Anne and Simcoe (development driven), the NOTL Community Centre traffic, plus the eventual opening of the expanded child care centre, when will our elected officials realize we need stop lights at Anderson Lane and Niagara Stone Road?

Ever try to exit onto Niagara Stone Road on weekends from Anderson Lane or St. Andrews Glen? It's an accident waiting to happen.

Samuel Young