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Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Letter: Let tolerance and harmony reign

Dear editor:

Kudos to Erwin and Dorothy Wiens and The Lake Report's May 13 article, “An uncomfortable message about race and tolerance.

I fully support the essence of Erwin Wiens' message on the value of diversity and Sue Batson Patterson's comments in her letter in your May 20 issue, “Subtle and outrageous discrimination getting worse.” 

I would like to see the term “racism” and all its derivatives (“racial,” “racist”) disappear from all global languages.  

There is no genetic basis for “racial” distinctions: the genetic differences between all humans are minuscule and physical manifestations of those (e.g., skin colour, facial features, hair type) are of no significance.

There is only the human race, which includes all of us. The core of “racism” relates to culture, history and social or physical environmental factors: our human nature is the same; our human nurture is not.

I consider harmonious diversity one of Canada's greatest qualities and assets, despite our definite, persisting national failures, flaws and imperfections.

The “r-word” and its derivatives should be replaced by more accurate terms, like “bigotry,” “ignorance,” and these attitudes, behaviours should end. But, regrettably, I won't hold my breath in anticipation of this soon.

I would, as well, apply the essence of all my comments above to religious divisions and tensions anywhere and everywhere.

Let tolerance and harmonious diversity reign.

Rick Kirby