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Tuesday, February 7, 2023
Letter: Subtle and outrageous discrimination getting worse

Dear editor:

Thank you so much for The Lake Report's article on May 13 (“An uncomfortable message about race and tolerance“), and for sharing Erwin and Dorothy Wiens' personal experiences of racism in NOTL.

Sadly, it's very relatable.

When I moved here in 1998, I remember hearing the racist vitriol around Si Wai Lai.

I knew right then that being a local Black resident was going to be challenging. Like Erwin and Dorothy, I regularly endure subtle (and sometimes outrageous) examples of discrimination and hate. And I've noticed it's getting worse.

After speaking at the Black Lives Matter protest in Niagara-on-the-Lake's Voices of Freedom Park in 2020, I was touched and encouraged by how many turned out.

So many people really do support the message of inclusion.

However, I also lost good friends because of it.

But Erwin and Dorothy have given me the courage to keep pushing.

Things have to change here. Not just for ourselves, but for our kids and one day, our grandkids.

It's simply not enough for NOTL to be considered “the prettiest.” We must also aim to be the most accepting, diverse and inclusive town as well. 

Sue Batson Patterson

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