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Thursday, August 18, 2022
Letter: Positive thoughts on winter 2021

Dear editor:

Re: “Let's stay home a bit longer,” editorial, The Lake Report, Feb. 11.

I loved the tone and message of this editorial, asking us all to stay the course and work together to beat back the global pandemic.

But, the sentence referencing “crummy, cold weather driving us crazy” is unfortunate. Put on your best smile and toque, get some fresh air.

C'mon NOTLers, Mother Nature is in charge and we are just along for the ride. Our magnificent poet Robert Service wrote, “The winter!  the brightness that blinds you … The snows that are older than history.”

This has been the best winter in decades. White snowy hills for sledding, frozen ice for skating, blue skies, still moonlit nights perfect for walking, with or without a dog. (Please, wear reflective clothing for safety.) And hundreds, hundreds of people walking, physically distanced, chatting away, enjoying winter in Canada.

What's not to love? At the risk of being positive, why not be positive?

Ross Robinson