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Saturday, August 13, 2022
Letter: MPP Gates plays politics with pandemic criticism

Dear editor:

It is very disappointing to see our MPP Wayne Gates simply playing politics when many are trying their best to find solutions to minimize the impact of a deadly once-in-a-century virus and pandemic.

Under the headline “Ford had 10 months to plan vaccine rollout” (The Lake Report, Jan. 21) our MPP submits an opinion piece to criticize and cast doubt on the honest efforts of a political foe to manage this crisis.

Ten months ago everyone was focused on how to best minimize the transfer of this new virus, to identify the molecular structure of COVID-19! Vaccines were a dream and nowhere near available.

A prime goal at that time was to motivate the front-line workers, hospital cleaners, nurses, PSWs, physicians, paramedics, who would be sacrificing their well-being and risking exposure to their family.

Ten months ago, I saw Doug Ford lifting boxes of masks into his vehicle, inspiring front-liners, begging the population to practise social distancing, providing regular updates with his COVID-19 team, setting an example by wearing his mask, and showing a previously undisclosed political asset – his humanity.

On the other hand, I now see our MPP blaming political foes, offering few solutions, while ensuring frequent exposure of his branding program – a prominent display of a large mustache on his face mask.

Gerry Hruby