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Thursday, August 18, 2022
Letter –NOTL should be a priority for COVID vaccine

Dear editor:

An Associated Press report dated Jan. 21 quoted Amazon executive Dave Clark saying: “Amazon is offering its colossal operations network and advanced technologies to assist President Joe Biden in his vow to get 100 million COVID-19 vaccinations to Americans within the next 100 days in office.” 

Twp previous letters from me (Jan. 7 and 14) outline the urgency in defining and executing the distribution network plan. In NOTL, for example, using our community centre, which has ample parking and can operate seven days per week. In his Jan 21 column, Dr. William Brown made the same suggestion. Nothing has happened thus far.

Our politicians and health team cannot even agree to an announcement regarding the use of our pharmacies. It mus be frustrating as hell for the likes of NOTL's Sean Simpson.

Gen. Rick Hillier and company, this is not rocket science. Use some good old common sense and street smarts. Stop procrastinating.

Previously I proposed using Amazon in our distribution – again, a no-brainer. At least it's comforting to know that Dave Clark and I attended the same University of Common Sense. Sadly our Canadian distribution team is not on the same planet or wavelength.

My sister called me from Northern Ireland: “Have you received both your vaccine shots yet?” My reply: “No, not even my first one and no idea when or where I will receive it.” Her response: “If you lived over here, at your age (in my 80s and a pre-existing condition) you would have already received both shots.”

Is Canada becoming a Third World country and is it possible the U.S. is getting our 50 per cent reduction in vaccine supply?

Given the high rate of the virus spread in town, and following a priority grouping behind front-line workers, doctors, nurses, long-term care homes etc., NOTL should be ranked a priority area for vaccinations, considering we are both a high-traffic tourist destination and have a concentrated seniors population.

Meantime, perhaps, after all these months I think I have cracked the government COVID-19 code.

Covid cases rise: Move to a lockdown.

Covid cases fall: Remove the lockdown.

Covid cases rise: Reintroduce the lockdown.

Repeat the above by region as required. There is no cycle limit on this prescribed solution.

Samuel Young