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Friday, February 3, 2023
Letter: Carriage horses are well cared for

Dear editor:

I recently read Syme Jago's poignant letter you published in your wonderful Sept. 10 issue, “Protesters are bullies wreaking havoc.” I definitely agree with her, and, of course, countless other residents must feel the same way.  

I have lived in the Niagara Region since the age of seven. Niagara-on-the-Lake has always been a special haven even for locals such as myself to escape to. 

In all the years the horse-drawn carriages have been in operation, I have never ever seen any of these beautiful animals being treated badly or with disregard; in fact, quite the opposite. 

Anyone can see by looking at the horses, i.e. their shiny coats, their eyes, their teeth, their hooves, their posture/stance, just how healthy and well taken care of they really are.   

I am definitely an advocate for animal rights and cherish these amazing creatures. In my honest and experienced opinion, there is absolutely no harm being done to these horses. 

They have been bred for centuries as animals of husbandry and are being cared for humanely and properly. Another thing these so-called “activists” don't realize is one horse doesn't work the entire morning, afternoon and evening. They only work for part of the day in shifts.

It also disturbs me when the “activists” claim they care for animals, yet they have no regard for other human beings. If they cannot be kind and considerate to their fellow citizens, then how does that fit into their final equation? How does that help their cause?  

I hope that something concrete will be done about these protesters. Furthermore, they are even causing problems for the horses themselves: The last thing a calm and steady horse wants to see is a bunch of loud, angry people acting like lunatics and waving a bunch of signs around.  

Anjulika Chand

St. Catharines

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