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Thursday, October 6, 2022
Letter: Hyundai dealer should reinstate fired woman

Dear editor:

?I was enraged to read how Elizabeth Beattie was fired by AutoValue Hyundai (The Lake Report, Aug. 13) for inadvertently wearing a company name tag whilst defending her daughter against the actions of so-called animal rights activists.

The activists have the right to peaceful protest but their actions in sharing a video of Beattie with her employer show that their protests are also proactive and vindictive.

Shame on the company, which took the bait and terminated this lady. I’m sure the resulting bad publicity dwarfs what would have resulted if a simple warning had been given. Do the right thing and reinstate this lady.
The actions of the protesters are disruptive to business and to traffic safety. The other weekend I was cycling through the town and came to the four-way stop at Queen and King. The noise was loud and cyclists, drivers and pedestrians did not know when a protester would step off the curb in front of them. They also distracted myself and others as to whose turn it was to proceed at the junction. Niagara Regional Police do need to step up and at least enforce the traffic laws.

On another sad note I also witnessed the felling of trees on the golf course as per Cathy Rye’s letter about dwindling green space. The town is rapidly losing natural habitats and it is truly irreversible and sad to witness. Let’s not wait until the green space is gone before coming to our senses, town council.

Peter Warrack