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Sunday, December 4, 2022
Letter: Why not hire locals for farm work?

Dear editor:

I can't help but see a paradox in the farm labour issue of today.

We are struggling to get seasonal farm workers into the country at the same time we are witnessing more than one million Canadians lose their jobs. Why not utilize some of the unemployed people to fill jobs normally taken by imported labour?

Local, unemployed people would not have to self-isolate, would not require farm accommodation and would likely be grateful for an opportunity to be employed.

There could be hundreds of people in the service industry that would be interested in such an initiative.

Of course, training and orientation would be required, but I would view this as an investment rather than a cost. In addition, the benefits to both farmers and the local economy would be great. 

I believe the logistics of getting seasonal farm workers here from other countries will be difficult and fraught with concerns. Why not utilize the labour that is already here?

Mike Della Rossa
St. Davids