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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Letter: Bias in favour of developer

Dear editor:

I am writing regarding the editor’s note appended to the letter from Michael Howe, president of the Niagara Foundation.

The editor agrees that the prime copy space has been devoted to Benny Marotta and his renewed development plans. Given that there is more than just one party to the very controversial Randwood issue as well as other viewpoints, this is clearly an acknowledgement of bias on the part of The Lake Report.

In my opinion, this is part of a long history of bias in favour of Solmar by this newspaper in which the obvious has been denied repeatedly to the extent that it has become tiresome for many.

Except for a minority of hard core supporters of Mr. Marotta and his plans, it has been my experience that a majority of local residents have a similar opinion of undisguised bias by The Lake Report and have drawn their own conclusion as to the reason why. 

There seems to have been no challenge or question as to the veracity of statements made by Solmar on the part of the reporter. This is an issue that The Lake Report needs to address in the face of a readership that in my opinion is becoming increasingly skeptical.

Derek Collins


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