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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Letter: Some farmers quit using cannons for neighbours

Dear editor:

In response to John Morley’s letter of Nov. 21, (“Bird bangers were used in the early 1950s”), noting that when he picked fruit for George Sheppard in the early 1950s, he periodically listened to bird bangers on the Sheppard farm, I note that after George subdivided some of his land and new neighbours moved in in the early 1970s, he no longer used cannons.

That’s a considerate neighbour. That’s a gentleman.  

The Normal Farm Practices Protection Board guidelines say that use of cannons may be considered normal in a location where few, if any, neighbours live nearby, but not normal if there are many residences nearby.  And that one must take into account echoing from the Escarpment.

That’s the issue.

Win Laar


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