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Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Letter: I also am OK with bird bangers

Dear editor:

I tend to agree with Bill Cochrane Sr.’s letter expressing his acceptance of the percussion devices used by local farmers to minimize damage to their crops, (“I am OK with bird cannons,” The Lake Report, Nov. 7).

One particular line says it all. “The farmers were here long before me, and wine country developed.”

For decades, I lived in Markham and watched residential development rapidly encroach on land surrounding our local Buttonville Airport.

People, viewed, selected, bought and moved into houses in proximity to the runways.

Within six months these residents, who knew full well the airport was close by, were complaining about the noise and demanding the airport be shut down or moved.

At the time, I didn’t believe the airport should be closed just because these purchasers were born devoid of imagination, foresight or common sense.

And “ditto” for the complainers regarding the bird bangers that have been here since we arrived more than 13 years ago.

J. Richard Wright


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