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Friday, November 25, 2022
Letter: I am a Canadian

Four years ago, prior to the 2015 federal election, Scott Finlay of the Friends of Fort George shared these thoughts on Facebook. The posting popped onto people’s newsfeeds again this week and we are happy to share it with readers of The Lake Report. It’s a timely reminder of things for which we can be thankful and the importance of participating as a voter.

I am a Canadian …

I live in a country that is decent and accepting.

I live in a country that was born of discussion, debate and compromise.

I live in a country that welcomes and embraces diversity.

I live in a country that is open and evolving based upon constant dialogue and understanding.

I welcome immigrants to this nation because I am the grandson of immigrants.

I recognize that others were here before me and I treasure their presence and participation in the governance of this nation.

I believe in free speech, the freedom of religious belief and a free press.

I do not wear my patriotism on my sleeve because I do not need to. I know that I live in the best country in the world.

I refuse to live my life based upon fear or respond to those who would try to make me feel afraid.

My national legacy is quiet and steady courage in the face of trouble. I respond with bravery where it is needed and I respond with compassion where it is required.

I believe in open dialogue with those whose opinions differ from my own.

Being a Canadian means living in a vibrant, growing environment where all of my fellow citizens enjoy the same rights.

Being a Canadian means caring for those in our society who most need that care and fiercely protecting the rights of my fellow citizens … all of them.

This week I will exercise my right to be part of the process which results in how Canada goes forward.

I will respect that duty and carry it out with the understanding of what Canada best needs.

I love this country and I will vote accordingly.

I am a Canadian.

Scott Finlay