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Sunday, September 25, 2022
Letter: Now is not the time to vote Liberal

Dear editor:

Thank you for featuring discussions in The Lake Report on the forthcoming crucial federal election, which will determine what type of country we will have for generations to come.

All eligible voters not only have a duty to vote, but also to vote wisely. In order to do so, one must try to obtain adequate information and review other people’s perspectives without hostility, hopefully resulting in an informed decision. One can resort to YouTube videos or the internet for a variety of presentations and also read comments from fellow Canadians.

I trust that a vast majority of Canadians believe in values like common-sense spending, competence, fairness and ethical/moral integrity. Liberal or Conservative, these qualities are a must for any Canadian prime minister.

A very serious matter is the SNC Lavalin scandal, which questions Justin Trudeau’s moral/ethical integrity and good judgment, along with his firing of the then-attorney general, who stuck to her principles and integrity.

The Liberals also budgeted a $600 million bail-out to Canadian media, which is extremely prejudicial to fairness in media coverage of the competing candidates and further investigation of SNC Lavalin … another example of a grave issue.

Most of the Liberal supporters in NOTL are undoubtedly excellent in character and mainly supportive of the less fortunate. However, this may not be the time to be loyal and stick to one’s party of preference and ideology.

Various sources allege that Trudeau has not acted in the best interest of our country, and he has been accused or judged to be unethical, incompetent to perform the highest position in the land, and haphazardly gives money away for causes of his own choosing instead of spending our money wisely to improve the lives of less-fortunate Canadians or the really destitute.

In fairness, Liberal supporters can also enlighten non-Liberals by citing Trudeau achievements that improved the lives of ordinary Canadians and the country as a whole and convince others to re-elect him.

These are hard and challenging times and our young people are now suffering economically and financially. It is prudent to fix our financial problems now – this is a normal first step to fix a failing organization.

In government, this is usually initiated by a Conservative federal government. We cannot help the poor and the needy when so much of our revenue is used to pay interest on huge debts. The likely future under Trudeau is more hefty, unaffordable donations for developing countries that never get developed because of corruption.

After being adequately informed, in case some voters of different affiliations have second thoughts, there could be another way. Those who do not like Conservative leader Andrew Scheer because of his mild manner and alleged lack of good looks and charisma, may consider voting for him anyway (nobody is perfect) as the Conservatives have the best chance of defeating Trudeau.

A Conservative majority would be most effective in sorting out our financial and economic problems; a diluted agenda will result from a coalition. A vote for any other party will be a vote for the same current Liberal government, which does not seem to be as responsible and ethically/legally inclined as previous ones.

Liberal die-hards will be able to vote Liberal some other time when a competent and trustworthy candidate for prime minister comes forward. However, this will not happen if the current Liberal party remains in power, as it may be perceived that present-day Canadian voters no longer care for competence, fiscal responsibility, moral/ethical integrity, fairness and rule of law, all of which form a solid foundation for this wonderful country.

Yours truly,

Cecilia Bennett