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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Letter: Co-ordinated strategy needed to deal with tourism traffic

Dear editor:

I am writing regarding  my letter to the editor printed in the Sept. 26 edition of The Lake Report, “It's Old Town, not the QEW.” 

I implied in my letter that the accident scene in the accompanying picture involved tourists who were visiting the town.

In fact, I subsequently learned that the unfortunate victims of the collision were not visitors.

However, I remain of the view that there are too many unco-ordinated efforts to attract a limitless number of visitors to the town without anything resembling a coherent or targeted strategy or plan to address how to deal with the thousands of cars, buses, bicycles, electric and otherwise, that continuously enter and exit and flow through NOTL.

As I said in that letter, what could possibly go wrong?

Michael Howe