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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Letter: I trust Trudeau to deal with climate crisis, wage gap

Dear editor:

In his letter to the editor last week (“Trudeau only sorry because he got caught”), George Warkentin made more untrue, disparaging remarks against Justin Trudeau.

Apologies have been made to anyone offended by innocent face paint at a party years ago. Maybe Mr. Warkentin would like to ban face paint in Indigenous dances, children’s parties or Halloween.

Mr. Trudeau’s government has supported Indigenous peoples more than the previous government and admits that much more needs to be done. It is hard to reverse 150 years of persecution and oppression in a few years. The Prime Minister’s government has the most racially and ethnically diverse cabinet – with gender equality among its members.

Global warming with climate extremes is here – the science is clear.

Why then would five regressive conservative premiers sue the federal government against a levy on fossil fuel products (gas, oil) used in motor vehicles when most of the money from the levy goes back to the user?

Obviously, these premiers would rather spend more money cleaning up the massive damage due to flooding — from Arctic ice melting and rising oceans — and forest fires.

Even the proposed planting of 2 billion trees by the PM to mop up carbon dioxide won’t be enough by itself.

As I said before, we need subsidies increased for clean energy and only subsidies for “Big Oil” to make them reduce emissions and clean up toxic tailings that are polluting our lakes and great rivers.

Again, I trust our PM that our next government will reverse the increasing wage gap due to selfish 5C capitalists, fight for democracy, clean air, water, earth and fairness for all with kindness.

Elizabeth Oliver-Malone