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Letter to the editor: Marineland needs support, not condemnation


Dear editor:

I read your editorial of July 11 (“News has to be reported, even if it’s bad,”) with great interest as I am an ardent supporter of our carriage horses. You mention some places that the activists could turn their attention to. 

The first one is Marineland where you cite dated and what has been proven to be inaccurate information about their troubles. We have visited Marineland several times as we love animals. 

By way of background I should mention that I was a Toronto city councillor and sat on the Toronto Zoo board, where I was vice-chair for many years, and understand how difficult it is to keep the facility running in the face of activists like PETA. There is no satisfying people who want total abolition of any zoo, aquarium or themed amusement park, no matter how well-run it is.

I have enclosed several pages from Marineland’s promotional material. One page clearly outlines what happened when several employees made inaccurate charges and then activists on the internet tried to take advantage of the situation. The second deals with the changes Marineland has made in its mission statement, to better align itself with public concerns.

Marineland is doing its best to provide education about animals to the public. We have witnessed many families who enjoy the day out with their children. 

It is also providing jobs for a large number of residents and young people from the area. We were very impressed by the professionalism of the staff and the affection they have for the marine mammals. Clearly the facility is meeting many challenges since founder John Holer died last year and his wife has taken over. Marineland does not deserve to be anyone’s target. It, too, needs support from the public, not condemnation.

May I suggest that NOTL’s horse carriage protesters are picking on a soft target and if they are really interested in horses then they should be protesting at the Fort Erie Racetrack?  Many horses have been injured or died in the so-called sport. 

But I bet they won’t go there because they would meet up with opposition from the owners who would get the police to really act. It would be interesting to see.

I am curious to understand what lies at the base of their intent.  Is it only our carriage horses?  Why not picket the police who have canine units or service dog training places? 

Thank you for your newspaper, which I find very informative.

Gloria Lindsay Luby


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