-4.8 C
Niagara Falls
Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Exploring Photos: St. Davids Canning Factory, 1990

Commercial fruit growing started in Niagara between 1825 and 1830 when John Durham set out a large peach orchard on the River Road near Queenston, also known as the Fisher Farm. The first factory to can fruit in Niagara was set up in St. Davids in 1897 in an old flour mill. The building burned down in 1923 and a new plant was erected in 1924. St. Davids was a good location for the factory due to the large peach farms in the region and the prime access to main roads and railroads. Factory #22 was in operation until 2008 when the owners (CanGro) closed the plant. Today you can see where it was located, on Four Mile Creek Road in the section that houses Hummel Properties and Chocolate FX, among other businesses.

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