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Friday, March 31, 2023
Exploring Photos: C&C Yachts Factory

Vintage Inns recently won a Biennial Design award for the Gardens at the Pillar and Post.

This week’s aerial photo is a “before” image for that same block of land, showing the C&C Yachts complex.

The brick building at the top edge is the current Pillar and Post and John Street runs along just below it.

George Cuthbertson and George Cassain are the two Cs of the company, which designed custom sail boats that were built here by George Hinterhoeller.

Their boats were known to be fast and dependable and, in 1964, they were one of the first to design one made of fibreglass.

Hinterhoeller built the Redwing 30 and 35 as well as the Invader series for them. A merger in 1969 between C&C, Hinterhoeller and two other ship builders resulted in C&C Yachts Limited whose main shipbuilding was focused in NOTL.

During the 1970s, C&C was one of the largest sailboat builders in the world. The local plant suffered a devastating setback in 1994 with a fire that caused millions in damages.

The NOTL plant was closed in 1996 and C &C was sold to Tartan Yachts in Ohio.

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