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Saturday, December 2, 2023
Exploring History: Queen’s Royal Hotel, 1869-1927 
A postcard portraying the Queen's Royal Hotel, which opened its doors in 1869 and closed them in 1927. SUPPLIED

This postcard features the former Queen’s Royal Hotel, which was located along Front Street in Old Town. Today in this area, there are homes and a wonderful park, appropriately named Queen’s Royal Park. This major hotel opened in 1869 as the Royal Niagara and was built with money received from the county after the relocation of the courthouse to St. Catharines. A first-class hotel, it became the destination of choice for those who wanted to escape the confines of the city and enjoy a peaceful time by the lake. One of the finest hotels in North America, it later changed its name to the Queen’s Royal Hotel. However, in subsequent years, this wonderful hotel became the victim of a rollercoaster economy based on tourism. Advancements in roads and cars led to the demise of the Queen’s Royal in 1927. The building was demolished in 1930. The museum has just mounted a new model of the building in our permanent exhibition, “Our Story.” Come on over and check it out.

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