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Letter: We have to think more about aging in place
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Dear editor:

I was delighted to read a report in your paper describing a group investigating the need for seniors housing (“Group plans independent survey on NOTL housing needs,” Nov. 2).

As the report states, this area has one of the highest percentages of retirees in the country. Despite this fact, we seem intent upon moving out of the area without any thought of the aging process.

My husband and I are among the retirees who came when we were a youthful 60.

Now in our mid-80s, we are still reasonably active and healthy, but maintaining our small home with a fairly big garden is becoming a less attractive chore.

We have decided to stay in our home, though and “age in place” for as long as possible, so I was hoping that this survey would also encompass thoughts about people, without unlimited income, to achieve that aim even when life throws in a health problem.

However, if life forces an alternative living accommodation it would be a severe wrench to move out of the area.

With property values being what they are, I’m not sure I see an answer to that, but it is most encouraging to see that a group of responsible people are actually exploring possible future solutions.

The current, dismaying growth of mammoth houses and luxury hotels unfortunately seems to be bringing more and more folks into the area who have no need to worry about taking care of these problems.

They already have other homes. Does this increase the disinterest in the proposed project?

Ann Handels

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