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Saturday, May 27, 2023
Letter: We already have a long list of private health care providers
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Dear editor:

I am writing regarding Richard Wright’s letter,  “Liberals, NDP need to act to stop privatized health care,” in the March 16 edition of The Lake Report.

Many NOTL residents’ health care needs are obtained from: Niagara North Family Health Team, a private corporation (not-for-profit); doctors set up as private companies; LifeLabs for prescribed tests; Simpson’s Pharmacy and Shoppers Drug for vaccinations and prescriptions; dermatologists; physical therapists; and, optometrists.

All of these are private companies. These “private” services are paid by OHIP and are part of Ontario’s health care system.

Is the writer suggesting that these private companies are providing inferior services and/or that the Liberals and NDP should nationalize them if they get elected?

New Democrat Wayne Gates, our riding’s MPP, should be asked the same questions based on his opposition to privatization.

As an ex-premier of B.C. (a Liberal) stated: Health care decisions should be made based on what works, not political ideology.

Brian Crow

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