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Letter: Tree could live on as works of art
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

Regarding your June 6 editorial about the numerous accidents with that big maple tree on Lakeshore Road (“No more fatalities — cut down the tree“), how about another solution?

The wood from the tree could be made available to artisans in the area, perhaps as many as 50. They could take all parts of the tree and make art pieces out of the wood such as furniture, wall hangings, statues, instruments etc.

All of these artworks could be put on display, perhaps at several of the local wineries, for people to purchase.

Visitors doing wine tastings could also enjoy visiting the participating wineries to view the amazing creativity as well.

We own a beautiful piece made from maple branches that hangs on our wall in Victoria. The branches were cut and sliced, then bent to look like waves and we just love it. It is about 7 feet long.

There is an exhibit every two years called the “One tree Exhibit,” made from a tree that has to be cut down.

“Our” tree came from a farm owned by a sea captain who sailed the world in the 1800s, with his wife disguised as his first mate.

I believe 80 artisans that displayed their work at the exhibit that we purchased from. It is incredible what people can make out of wood.

That tree could live on forever inside people’s homes.

Jim Reid
Victoria, B.C.

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