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Saturday, October 1, 2022
Letter: Town needs to settle suit over withholding couple’s B&B licence
Editorial. Supplied
Dear editor:
Now that the integrity commissioner has determined the facts do not support a complaint that Lord Mayor Betty Disero attempted to interfere with how the complaint filed by her husband was handled by town staff, we can move on to the real issue of the denial of the renewal of the B&B licence of the couple who are suing the town over that denial.
According to your Aug. 18 report, (“Integrity report vindicates mayor of allegations over husband’s bylaw complaint,”) the town withheld the renewal of Colin Telfer and Jennifer Elliott’s B&B licence “on the grounds that they had an open bylaw investigation on their property” and further that “according to the report, it is common practice for the town to withhold licences when bylaw compliance is in question.”
As I understand the facts, the complaint relates to an ancillary building on the property (ie. a garage) not used in the business of the B&B but used for the personal enjoyment of the owners of the business.
At best there is only a potential breach of a non-licensing bylaw and not of the bylaw relating directly to the licensing of the B&B.
Are we to assume that the town would withhold a B&B licence of an owner who has an outstanding unpaid parking ticket (a bylaw infringement) issued by the town?
Here is some free legal advice to the town.  In one word, settle.
Ron Fritz