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Monday, September 25, 2023
Letter: Town needs to reject King St. apartment proposal
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Dear editor:

The proposed three-storey condominium building to be constructed on the backyards, severed from numbers 727 and 733 King St., came as a gut punch to neighbours who were promised a projects that was compatible with surrounding homes.

The builder, Josh Bice of Butler’s Gardens Development, touts “honesty” and “integrity” on his company’s website.

However, Mr. Bice has applied to the town for an official plan and zoning bylaw amendment, fully aware of the existing R1 zoning.

After promising single-detached homes to multiple neighbours, he has chosen to build a totally inappropriate multi-unit condominium building for wealthy investors.

Residents of this three-storey building will look down on all the surrounding homes, patios and gardens. Neighbours’ privacy will be destroyed.

The building will cause light and noise pollution. It is 16 feet from the neighbour to the east and 20 feet from the northern neighbour, who will face 12 balconies and 27 windows.

It has 17 two-bedroom units and 18 parking spaces, one of which is designated for people with disabilities. This assumes that the residents will have no social life.

The building will set a precedent in Niagara-on-the-Lake for residentially zoned neighbourhoods to be arbitrarily changed to allow multi-storey buildings anywhere in Old Town.

If the council approves Mr. Bice’s application, residents should beware: this could happen near you.

Please encourage council to deny the Bice application. If council approves the proposal, you too could have a building such as this in your neighbourhood.

Margaret Tarnowski

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