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Letter: Public site plan is for a private home
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

I find it appalling that an angry and entitled resident can have their neighbour’s private address published in your paper for all to see, (Letter, “Town of NOTL denies request for copy of a public site plan,” April 4).

The “public site plan” that your headline refers to is most definitely a private home.

I know this because I live right next door to Kip Voege, the author of the letter that you published last week.

Therefore, I am also a neighbour to the people Mr. Voege is harassing. This is not his first public battle with neighbours and we’d be fools to think it will be his last.

Let Mr. Voege’s letter stand as a warning to anyone living in this town that your address is up for public consumption should your neighbour be angry and motivated enough to write letters to the editor of your local newspaper.

I commend the town’s clerks, Shaunna Arenberg and Grant Bivol, for doing their jobs.

It’s a tough idea for some residents to wrap their heads around, but private information is private for a reason and I for one am glad that the town clerks understand that fact.

Jason Chesworth

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