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Letter: Town denies request for copy of a site plan
Letter to the editor.

Dear editor:

I have been trying for over a year now to get an answer to the following question, “What private and personal information is on a site plan?”

I have filed a freedom of information request (FOI) with the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake in order to get a hard copy of a site plan.

When I filed my FOI request for a copy of a site plan for 14940 Niagara Parkway, I was denied by deputy clerk Shaunna Arenberg, who refused to answer the question directly.

She provided me with sections of the Freedom of Information Act that were not applicable to the question asked.

Thus I asked the question again and it was turned over to the new town clerk, Grant Bivol, who also is not answering the question.

If the site plan in question contains so much private and personal information, why were my son-in-law and I allowed to go in and look at it? Why were we not allowed to have a copy of it?

The site plan consisted of a drawing with dimensions on it and a title block, with the name of the firm that drew it.

Kip Voege

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