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Letter: Parking, noise remain concerns near hotel
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

The basis for councillors approving the zoning change for the former Parliament Oak school site is that the town is desperately in need of a five-star hotel.

According to developer Benny Marotta’s staff, residents of the low-density, quiet neighbourhood surrounding it won’t even notice that the hotel is there as it will be positioned in the middle of the property.

This is despite the fact that, at over 60 feet high, it is almost three times the height of some of the local houses.

They also needn’t worry about noisy delivery and garbage trucks trundling along their quiet streets as the side entrances will rarely be used.

Parking for the 100 staff and 700 attendees at the (apparently also much-needed) wedding venue will not be an issue. Noise from the hotel patios and the hotel generally — no problem.

The residents will also be able to enjoy the lovely landscaped gardens and historical markers from Parliament Oak school at the rear of the hotel using their X-ray vision to look through the stone wall that will be enclosing it all.

The fact a majority of councillors approved this proposal confirms that hotel owners and developers are of more concern to some councillors than the needs and well-being of town residents.

Something to think about when the next election rolls around.

Barbara Waller

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