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Letter of the Week: Serious concerns about planned hotel’s underground parking
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Dear editor:

I have lived for many years at 184 Queen St., at the corner of Simcoe Street, and I am very concerned about the proposal to build a three-level underground parking lot below the planned hotel at 228 Queen St.

I have a PhD degree in hydrogeology and am especially concerned about the very shallow water table level of about three metres on our property and on adjacent properties in the area.

I am convinced the water table will cause considerable difficulties with the excavation of a three-level parking garage because of the inevitability of copious ground water inflow.

Dealing with this could have an excessively high cost, which could cause a situation where the developer tells our council that they cannot build the underground parking.

I rate this as highly likely and if our council agrees to this then up to 177 guest cars could need daily parking in our already-overcrowded parking lots.

In addition, if the dewatering is not properly managed, it is possible the hotel’s foundations or those of nearby buildings could be undermined and risk causing the buildings to collapse.

Recent changes in laws favour easier approval of building plans.

The result is that we, as residents of our uniquely beautiful and historic village, have the responsibility to elect a council that will preserve and not downgrade our village, which is visited by huge numbers of people from all over the world.

Five of eight current council members were in favour of a carte blanche approval for the hotel at 228 Queen St.

Chris Jennings

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