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Letter: Let White Oaks build its highrises
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

It may yet happen that White Oaks gets to build its highrises, although they might not be as high as originally proposed, (“Town rejects White Oaks’ plan for higher towers,” The Lake Report, June 13).

However, I have driven by there numerous times and honestly fail to see how building highrises there would conflict with the houses on Glendale. But I could be mistaken.

I should drive down the streets of that area and see what I can see or not see. It is my opinion that White Oaks should be allowed to build the highrises to the proposed heights.

The company has been in our area for years and has contributed greatly to our area. The Wakils of White Oaks are a respected family.

Perhaps they should hire either Rainer Hummel or Benny Marotta to look after this project.

I say this as it seems those developers had no trouble getting approved for Queen Street, the Parliament Oak school property and many other applications, despite much community opposition.

Council just might approve White Oaks if it is handled by those two. Plus this would be a good way to build more housing to meet the town’s requirements.

Susan Pohorly

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