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Letter: Let people buy better health care if they can afford to
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

Why is it so wrong for people to want to purchase better health care?

Why is it evil for individuals who can afford it to improve their lives?

The answer to these questions is a resounding, “No, it is not wrong or evil.” You have the right to better your life through private health care.

As letter writer Lorrie Daniels stated, yes, privatization will “result in lining the pockets of business owners” (of which I am not one) but it also will “benefit the majority of Ontarians.”

Yes, individuals will make money. This is not scary. In a free market, to make money you have to provide value.

Also, as I’ve stated before, individuals “don’t just take profits and sit on them … they reinvest these profits in new ventures and goods and services,” improving the lives of Ontarians.

Yes, public health care is, in fact, unequal. Maybe this will snap Ontarians out of the notion that it is OK that we all suffer, as long as it is equally, under public health care.

Shortages of staff are a direct result of our public health care system distorting the supply and demand equation. In a private, free-market health care system there would be no shortage of staff or shortages would only be short-term.

I am all for regulated staff but privately regulated, not publicly. I personally would want regulated staff working on me but why is it so scary that someone should have the choice to have unregulated staff work on them? We should be free to choose.

There’s no doubt that there are “marginalized and disadvantaged” individuals that are struggling – but the answer isn’t more failed public health care.

It’s private competition lowering the cost of health care with private charity meeting the needs of those who can’t afford it.

Finally, I agree, “let’s provide the level of care we all want and deserve“ but the only way to achieve this is through moral private health care.

To be clear, I love nurses. My goal is to free entrepreneurial nurses from the constraints of their unions and governments.

I want the best and brightest nurses utilizing their talents to become multi-millionaires by providing innovative ways of delivering private health care. “I want more multi-millionaire nurses now.” How’s that for a slogan, NOTL?

No matter what you think of my views on health care, please at least see how these nurses and their unions are acting as “gatekeepers” preventing you from receiving better health care.

You have a right to improve your life through better health care unfettered by governments and unions.

Now, does anyone have any actual opinions on my views about development in NOTL?

Alexander Evans

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