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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Letter: ‘Leave your luggage at the door’
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

About 150 years ago, the Sioux Nation, led by Chief Sitting Bull, fled to Canada to avoid retribution by the United States’ army after the battle of the Little Big Horn. 

They were met not by an army, but by a single North-West Mounted Police officer, James Walsh, who stated they were welcome to stay, but they had to obey our laws – not use Canada as a safe haven to conduct raids back into the United States. 

That is one of many precedents in our history. 

Canada has always been a safe haven for people seeking safety, freedom and opportunity. 

Canada remains, to this day, a refuge from terror, wars and oppression. 

Immigrants built our wonderful country, but I believe there should be one simple rule for coming and staying in Canada: “Leave your luggage at the door.”

We have all come to Canada for a clean, fresh start at life. 

The turmoil and challenges of our old homes must be left there, as hard as that is. 

Part of that fresh start in Canada is Canadians must not feel threatened here for terrible events occurring elsewhere.

We, with all of our own challenges, must remain a beacon of safety and hope. 

If one is so caught up in other conflicts, feel free to go there and work toward a solution, but no one in Canada should be threatened or attacked on our streets for what is happening elsewhere. 

Thomas Caldwell

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