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Letter: Israel and Hamas have much to answer for
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

This is in reply to Sophia Voogt’s April 11 letter, “Hamas was wrong but so was the Israeli government.

Voogt makes reference to my previous letter (“Hamas must be accountable for its actions,” March 21), which was a direct response to a letter from Kit Andres about the duty of Mennonites to condemn violence.

Her letter did not offer a single word condemning Hamas and the horrific massacre of Israelis on Oct. 7.

As Ms. Voogt also states, what Hamas did, even though it was not right, must be treated in context. This is also far from a serious condemnation of the horrific massacre carried out by Hamas.

Indeed, it graphically demonstrates a serious bias and one-sidedness. A few comments are in order.

She claims that Israeli Defence Forces reports are untrue and have no credibility. In support of this she refers to the UN, (which to many is itself now seen as a biased and one-sided organization that also shows no credibility).

Unfortunately, as many know, truth sometimes becomes the first casualty in a war.

Regarding the Palestinian claim — “From the river to the sea” — Hamas has sworn publicly to kill all Israelis and destroy the State of Israel. So what the CBC has to say, while it may be comforting to some, is rather meaningless when the intent is obvious and clear.

As I previously stated, Hamas has chosen to embed itself in civilian areas so that with any IDF response, casualties and collateral damage will inevitably be high.

It is naive to say Hamas will naturally disappear if the oppression of Palestinians ends. Hamas, despite the conflict, still enjoys majority Palestinian support as well as electoral legitimacy.

Israel is in a terrible war with Hamas and is surrounded by enemies who choose to fire rockets at it indiscriminately without any warning and who have no regard for casualties — a fact that is conveniently ignored by many.

We all have biases and come with different viewpoints. In my opinion, both Israel and Hamas have a great deal to answer for.

However, being one-sided is not being honest and does nothing to help resolve or end this very complicated issue.

Derek Collins

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