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Letter: Hamas must be accountable for its actions
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Dear editor:

Your letter writer Kit Andres speaks of the Mennonite duty to condemn violence (“Mennonites want ceasefire in Israel-Palestine conflict,” (March 14).

This is a duty that all of us have as well as those who claim Mennonite ancestry.

However, there is not a single word in the letter that protests the Hamas organization (elected by the people of Gaza). By its own admission, Hamas started this latest round of violence and is responsible for the horrendous massacre and hostage-taking incident against Israelis on Oct. 7, 2023.

This organization has sworn death to Israelis and the elimination of Israel while at the same time members have embedded themselves with civilians in Gaza for their own protection against the Israeli response.

We all know that Palestine’s call — “From the river to the sea” — can only mean one thing. Under these circumstances, Israel has every right to defend itself.

Nevertheless, the damage and suffering of many innocents in Gaza caused by the violence and as stated by the Gaza authorities is without any doubt appalling and cannot continue.

However, the immediate and permanent ceasefire called for by Andres is, in my opinion, naive and does not address the nature of the combatants, the history of indiscriminate military action or the issue in dispute and what the likely end result would be.

Derek Collins

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