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Monday, December 5, 2022
Letter: Incumbent mayor was responsive and took action
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Dear editor:

We are headed into the last weeks of the municipal election campaign and we think it is important to reflect on the significant influence of Lord Mayor Betty Disero.

In our experience with Disero over the last seven years that we have lived here in Niagara-on-the-Lake (including her four-year term as mayor and previous four years as a councillor), is that whenever we raised a concern with her, she responded to us if not that same day, then always within 24 hours.

And it was not a pat answer, like, “I will look into it and get back to you.” It was an “I’ve taken concrete action” answer. That’s what you get by re-electing her.

I cannot see this degree of dedication, experience, sincere interest and just pure accessibility being possible with any of the other candidates for lord mayor, either because they would be a part-time mayor as they already have a full-time job in the real estate industry, or they have no previous municipal government experience, or they have winter homes outside of Canada.

The mayor of a uniquely historic, small town like Niagara-on-the-Lake takes a special mixture of dedication, knowledge, experience and, most of all, heart. And we feel Betty has demonstrated that over the last eight years.

She has always been the first line of defence in protecting our natural beauty and heritage assets against Brampton-style development. She has shown no fear in going up against these developers.

In addition, NOTL is very fortunate to have someone with the extraordinary wealth of political and government experience that Disero has brought to our town from having earned her stripes in similar situations in Toronto.

She has proven through her service that she has the residents’ interests at heart but still makes decisions that benefit all sectors of our local economy. We all win by re-electing Betty Disero.

Anna Protheroe

Robert Hagan