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Thursday, December 1, 2022
Letter: I trust mayor’s judgment and approach
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Dear editor:

In the Oct. 6 edition of The Lake Report, letter writer Peter Rusin complains of Lord Mayor Betty Disero’s anger at Vaughn Goetler’s insults to her (“Goettler’s approach preferred to mayor’s combative style“).

The latter is running for the top job without any governance credentials.

Litigation was brought on the town by developers who wished to destroy our heritage (a major focus for most tourists) and a neighbour who it was thought may have been trying to increase their capacity while denying inspection.

Despite Rusin’s insults and fear-mongering, Disero reports “our” town council’s achievements and a path of more to be done.

She has led our five villages and our vital farmland well through the pandemic and many crises over the past few years.

Just read her instructive and truthful reports.

We can hold our heads high and will not be taken over by the region other or any other entity.

I trust the mayor’s judgment and collaborative approach for good governance for us all.

Dr. Elizabeth Oliver-Malone