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Letter: Constant rezoning of properties shouldn’t be allowed
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Dear editor:

I am not against the King Street condominium project nor against its approval by the Ontario Land Tribunal, (“Controversial King St. condo approved by land tribunal,” The Lake Report, May 2).

What bothers me is the constant rezoning of properties.

In this case, it permits a jump in density, exemption from rear and front yard setbacks and removes the requirement for a children’s play area.

These are not minor issues.

How many of our tax dollars were spent to create an official plan, only for the municipality to allow most major builds to have exemptions?

By sticking to the rules, we eliminate the need for tax dollars to be spent on these time-consuming issues. That also could eliminate the need for some staff — and thus save taxpayers’ money.

Builders should first follow the rules that apply to the property on which they wish to build and then build accordingly.

Susan Pohorly

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