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Letter: Garden tour cancellation was a group decision
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Dear editor: 

I am writing to clarify an article published on May 4, “Cindy Grant steps back from volunteer roles,” linking the primary reason for the cancellation of the Niagara-on-the-Lake Horticultural Society 2023 garden tour to my busy schedule and volunteer commitments.

As a member of the 10-person board of directors and eight-person garden tour committee, I want to assure your readers that this is absolutely not the case.

Our previous successful garden tours have always been the result of the efforts of a dedicated group of volunteers from the NOTL Horticultural Society membership. 

The decision to cancel the 2023 garden tour was made by our committee and board after careful consideration and discussion. It was not based on the availability of any one individual.

We celebrated a successful 30th-year anniversary tour in 2022 and felt it was time to regroup and focus on a number of other important projects.

The board and horticultural society are committed to fostering an interest in gardening and bringing the community together through a variety of events and programs.

We are already working on plans for next year’s garden tour and look forward to sharing the beauty and wonder of our local gardens with the community again.

In regard to the other NOTL groups and organizations that I am associated with, I reiterate that I remain committed to each of them on an on-going basis. My volunteer work is important to me and is central to my value of giving back to the community that has been particularly good to me. 

Cindy Grant
NOTL Horticultural Society

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