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Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Letter: Development needs to respect NOTL’s history and architecture
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Dear editor:

With regard to Alexander Evans’ letter concerning development and land use in Niagara-on- the Lake (“Development and progress in Niagara-on-the-Lake,” Jan. 5) I cannot be certain if he is serious or is simply penning a send-up for his amusement.

I would agree that the Region of Niagara will have to respond to the increased need for housing as outlined by Premier Doug Ford’s new provincial legislation but to assume that the Old Town be completely open to development suggests a lack of any historical context by the writer.

In some way I am not surprised as most of our visitors now seem to be here for wine tastings, tours of wineries, ice cream and fudge.

Lost in the marketing and in the approval process of building guidelines is the fact that this was the First Capital of Upper Canada and we should all respect the beautiful examples of the period.

It saddens me to see a complete lack of respect for this heritage as monster homes soar above cottages and small two-storey homes of the early to mid-1800s time period.

I am not optimistic given this trend and the fact that the town is part of a region that generally feels Niagara-on-the-Lake receives special treatment and is unlikely to elect several people like your architecture columnist Brian Marshall to council.

Indeed, Mr. Evans may get his wish as we increasingly see developers and builders who love the brand but sue the town if they do not get permission on density, height and style.

Michael Eagen

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